Learning to Sew – How to Make a Pincushion

I began learning to sew when I was 4 or 5 years old. It was a normal part of childhood for many of the kids in my family to at least learn to thread a needle, sew a straight stitch, and sew on a button. I can remember my grandmother, mother, and aunts sitting around talking and sewing, feeling fascinated to watch dresses, shorts, and even dolls appear from their needles! I’ve always wanted to be able to do all of that and more, but patience and time in a modern life are the big challenges. When I started college and met people who did not know how to sew on a button, I first thought they were joking, and laughed. The point of this little walk down memory lane is that if a 5 year old girl can learn to do it, then so can you!

These are the sewing skills that I learned as a small child, and they are an excellent place to begin for anyone:

  1. Threading a needle. The first step.
  2. Sewing a simple straight stitch.
  3. Sewing on a button(a valuable life skill).
  4. Making a pincushion. This teaches several important lessons, including:
    • tracing and cutting,
    • keeping the right sides of fabric together,
    • sewing a simple seam,
    • turning a project,
    • stuffing a cushion,
    • and finishing the opening.

A very simple pdf instruction sheet is attached for making a basic pincushion.

How to Make a Pincushion (pdf).

Once you’ve learned to make a simple pincushion, you can do the same thing on a larger scale to make throw pillows for your couch/chair/bed. For good practice with basic techniques, you might want to make a round pincushion, or one on a wrist strap.

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