Kitchen Makeover Part 2: Base Cabinets, Paint, and Space!

Something Old...

After removing the old counter-tops, appliances, and base cabinets, I decided to keep the existing upper cabinets. They are not high-end, but they are extra-tall (and budget-friendly). So, step 1 was to remove the doors, sand the cabinets, and paint them white. I was living in the house at that point, eating microwave meals, so it was a bit of a sprint to install new appliances, base cabinets, counter tops, a sink, and flooring. The upper cabinet doors remained in the garage, waiting to be sanded and painted until recently.

Something New...

I wanted as much brightness, lightness, and airiness in this room as was possible, so I bought stock unfinished oak base cabinets, which I painted white. I painted the walls a creamy and lemony yellow, which has proved controversial among my friends. Since I've always been fond of yellow, I think it is worlds better than the previous murky green. The old color took several coats of primer, and 3-4 coats of paint to fully cover.

Adjusting the Plan

After removing the large laundry closet, I installed my existing stack-able washer and dryer in the corner. This allowed me to fit in several more cabinets and approximately 4 feet of extra counter space (Thanks, Mom, for suggesting we remove the laundry closet!). It also removed the sensation of "cooking in a hallway" that  previously haunted anyone standing at the stove. I'm afraid my photos do not adequately convey the difference in the feeling of the room that this made.  

Before view.

Before, the counter was much shorter. Removing the laundry closet gained both counter space and several more cabinets.