DIY Wood Aquarium Hood (Center Hinge)

Aquarium hood

I made this aquarium hood for my 38 gallon aquarium. After having made and lived with the Top-Lifting design, I decided to try something different. I made this hood based on many I’ve seen at assorted pet stores. One Hint: My old hood was heavy, so on this one I used thin boards, and had problems with screws splitting them. I’d recommend 1/2 inch thick wood(or mdf) as a happy medium.

Aquarium Hood Plans

Be certain that you seal everything well with polyurethane to keep water from affecting it. In this case, I used matte black paint, and coated it with matte clear polyurethane. It matched the matte black finish of the store bought stand this particular aquarium came with. The plans are very simple, as you can see, so you can make your own.