DIY (Cheap) Built-in Library Cabinets & Bookshelves #2 - Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors!

I've already described my library plans in a previous post (click here to read it). In that post, I constructed the frame and fronts for my cabinets. Next step: cabinet doors.

After looking at many proper tutorials involving routers, grooves, panels, etc., I can see why a lot of people get intimidated by cabinet doors. However, I did find a few tutorials that involved gluing trim to some plywood. I decided to go with a a simple method similar to this. Since my cabinets are only 2 feet tall, the 2x2 plywood panels in my local big box store seemed like a good choice. These are easy to carry and manage. They also have a very smoothly sanded finish.

I cut off one edge, to get the size I needed for my doors. I then used a couple of extra panels to cut strips for the front edges. The goal is to get a simple faux Shaker-style door. Once I had my little stack of strips cut, it was time to assemble some doors.   I used a pneumatic finishing nailer with short staples, to attach the strips to the doors.

Wood glue was also added between layers. Above is a look at one of the assembled cabinet doors.

I stacked the doors and sat a box full of books on them, leaving them to dry over night, nice and flat ( I hope).

Of course, there will still need to be sanding, caulking, painting, drying, hinges, and handles! More to come in future posts.

Plywood panel
Trimming Edges
Trim strips on door panel.
Stacked to dry.