Bigelow Constant Comment Tea

Constant Comment packaging.

One of the most common brands of tea in supermarkets in the USA is Bigelow. Bigelow is a mid-twentieth century American company.  They also own the only(?) USA tea plantation, in South Carolina. I must admit that since this was one of the few brands available when I was a child, I have a certain deep nostalgia for several flavoured Bigelow teas. One of these is Constant Comment, which is Bigelow's oldest product. This is Bigelow's version of orange-spice flavoured black tea. Bigelow's flavoured teas are strong on the flavourings, with the tea providing a supporting backdrop.

Summary Review Table
Category Result
Overall Rating (1-5) 4 - Orangey, spicy, and black
Presentation (1-5) 4 - Nice little foil/paper packets sealed around each tea bag. This helps shelf life greatly. The visual design is nice. Sadly, I no longer seem to see tins of loose leaf Constant Comment in stores, and can only find tea bags. Nonetheless, chunks of spice are visible through the tea bag.
Dry Scent (1-5) 4 - Lovely orange/clove/tea aroma. Good enough to use as sachets.
Brewed Scent (1-5) 4 - Much the same orange/clove/tea aroma as dry.
Brewed Color (1-5) 4 - Nicely medium-black
Taste Summary (1-5) 4 - If you like tea, orange peel, and cloves, this is lovely. Try it with sugar and cream (or with honey).