First "Mess" of Peanut Beans

Photo of pink and green beans, still in the pods.

Pictured here, next to a large cucumber, are a couple of handfuls of green (and pinkish-red!) green beans.  I've had about four large handfuls so far, or about 3 large servings. In case you are wondering a "mess" of something is an old colloquial term (at least in Appalachia) for a pile or batch of something. This is from a small number of plants in a very short row, growing on a clay hillside. These beans are an heirloom type from East Tennessee called "Peanut Beans". I'm assuming this is because the largish beans in the pods often have the same pink color as small peanuts. Alas, just like the French purple beans, these will turn green once they are cooked. They appear to be a half-runner type, and may also sometimes be called "Appalachian Pink Half-Runner". I"m excited to get to eat my first serving of these, from my own garden! There aren't very many mentions of these beans online, but I did manage to find a few. The ones who are trying to sell something, I have no association with. I bought my seeds at a local feed store in Jefferson City, TN.