Simple Padded Laptop Sleeve

This is a simple laptop sleeve that I made for myself so I can carry the computer in any bag I choose. All fabric is solid black except for the rose print on the front. Here's a link to an image with more details and instructions included(it's large). Once this page loads, click "download" to get the full-sized image with instructions:  

Photo of finished laptop sleeve.

The steps:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of foam in the proper sizes. (Remember to make them larger than your laptop. At least add half of your laptop's thickness when closed to each measurement.)
  2. Cut 4 pieces of fabric slightly larger than your foam.(Must allow enough for a seam!)
  3. Use 2 pieces of fabric, and sew along three sides, making a large rectangular pocket. Do the same with the other two pieces of fabric. (Remember to keep the right-sides of your fabric together!)
  4. Turn your pockets-inside out, so that now you have finished edges on 3 of 4 sides.
  5. Slide 1 foam rectangle into each of the two fabric pockets you've made.
  6. Along the unfinished side of each rectangle, fold both sides of fabric inward and top-stich this side together. This is just like when you make a small cushion or similar.
  7. Now you have two fabric-covered foam rectangles. Place them together, and sew the fabric along 3 edges together.
  8. That's it! You've finished!

You could also make one side longer, and add velcro if you want to fold it over as a flap. Or you could make both sides slightly too long and add a zipper or velcro to have them close together. Be creative.

Photo of laptop inside sleeve