Trying Molasses Layer Cake

My first try at Molasses Layer Cake.

I found this recipe for Molasses cake on the Mid Century Menu blog months ago. I've been meaning to try it ever since. Christmas seemed like a good reason to get it made (and tasted)! It came out pretty well. I used 7 minute frosting, but I think that cream cheese frosting would be better on this cake. I think it would also be good with apple butter between the layers. It's very rich! It's a little dry on day one, so I recommend letting it sit for a day or two before eating (I know! ). Imagine a cake version of an archway soft molasses cookie. More dense than normal cake, but not as dense as gingerbread, and there is no ginger. Just a touch of cinnamon. So far the comparisons in our house have included "like carrot cake, sort of, but not" and "like gingerbread, but not really". Make sure to use Molasses. Sorghum is not the same thing. Have your coffee, back tea, or milk ready when you try a (small) slice of this cake. I would definitely make this again, but with different frosting.