Sharon Brown (Sharran) at Dave's Garden

Anyone from or interested in the food and herb-lore culture of central/southern Appalachia, the articles on Dave's Garden by Sharon Brown will stir your heart. She shares a lot of memory and lore, and is one of the only written sources I've ever seen anywhere, to get pickled corn right! She makes proper Southern cornbread, too! It's as good as the Foxfire books, I'm telling you. Settle in and have a good read. Here are a few of my favorites by this lady:

  • Pickled Corn (fermented, the real deal, not that vinegar baby corn garbage).
  • Cornbread (which should never inlcude sugar)
  • Bouncin Bet) aka Soapwort, and the sweetest smelling wildflower you'll ever meet.

Note: The photo on this page, of soapwort, is by CC by Martin Stevens.

Soapwort flowers.